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Capital One sucks! What's in your wallet? I'd rather carry petrified dogshit! | Guru Jeff's Page Of Truth
Guru Jeff's page Of Truth

November 1, 2007

Capital One Sucks!

Man Pees on Capital One.

One of the biggest rip offs in today’s society is credit.

Except for a home mortgage, any modern credit debt is doomed to put you into corporate bondage.

If you’re stuck making minimum payments and never make any charges again, you’re basically doomed to monetary slavery for the next 30 years.

In the good old days of credit cards, it was illegal to charge late and over the limit fees.

Basically, usury was illegal.

You could make your payment a few days late and it was no big deal; there was no such thing as a “credit score.”

Just the fact that you now have a credit “score” implies that having credit is a game.

Big corporations and the government want you to use credit cards.

After all, whenever you make a purchase with a credit card, you leave a trail — where you were, what you bought, what you eat, what your interests and hobbies are.

These records can be bought and sold to marketing companies and used against you in court.

Of all the credit card companies that now exist, the biggest rip off of them all by far is Capital One!

Capital One actively solicits debt slaves in colleges; they also sponsor sporting events and have slick commercials that try and make people believe that what they offer is “the no hassle card.”

Don’t be fooled!

Below is an updated story that I originally posted to one of the many “Capital One Sucks” websites:

I received an offer from Capital One for a “Visa PLATINUM” card with a credit limit UP TO $5,000!I am one who has lived without much credit and thought that a credit card would be good to have when traveling or incase of emergencies.I knew the “up to” $5,000 credit limit was just marketing, but the interest rate was reasonable.

I received my PLATINUM Visa card, but the only way to find out what your credit limit is was to call and “activate” the card.

I ended up being approved with an astounding $300 credit limit!

What they sent me was a Visa Classic card with a Platinum color.

I was not upset.

This being my only credit card, and not expecting to use it for anything other than travel at that point, was perfectly acceptable to me.

I ended up pulling cash advances off the card to almost the credit limit.

I did some traveling afterwards, paying my way with cash.

I received my first bill.

They tacked on a $56 membership fee, in addition to $20 in “cash advance” fees along with interest.

Okay, I was a little pissed.

Money was tight that month, so I mailed my minimum payment off four days before the due date.

I never used the card after my first payment.

My second bill contained not only interest, but a $29 late fee and a $29 over the limit fee!

I called the customer service line to ask about the charges.

My payment was due on May 14, 2002.

The customer service rep. told me they didn’t receive the payment until the 15th.

My check was cashed the 18th.

My second statement was printed the 19th; this statement stated that my first payment was never received, even though the rep. said that they processed it on the 15th.

Okay, I just asked for the charges to be reversed.

The rep. said that she couldn’t do that and that there was nothing I could do.

“Okay, cancel my card.”

“I’ll do that, but until we receive full payment you’ll still be responsible for paying the interest and fees,” she said in a bitchy manner.

“That’s fine,” I said.

I paid the full amount off plus about $40, just incase.

Three months cost me about $165 dollars in interest, penalties and fees for a $300 card!

Yes, I did pay on time.

According to Capital One, I should have sent my payment immediately upon receipt of my bill.

But wait!

Why does their bill have a due date?

Shouldn’t it state “payable on receipt?”

Postmarks don’t matter to Capital One; when they get around to processing your payment is when they officially “receive” it.

If they process it a couple of days after the due date, they don’t ding your credit; they just charge you a $29 late fee.

What happens if that $29 late fee pushes you over your limit?

They charge you an additional $29!

I never liked credit cards, and it will be along time before I consider getting another one.

Capital One must think I’m stupid.

All I can say is, Fuck You Capital One!

Keep on marketing to students and derelicts, but sometimes you’re going to issue a card to someone with a brain, and a computer, who won’t put up with your rip off bullshit.

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  1. This is exactly what Capital One has been doing for a DECADE now. Welcome to the club. This is also exactly why a capital one card is so easy for everyone to get, its like a welfare credit card. I personally have now had a Capital One card for eight years with ZERO credit increase. I even tried to proactivly get them to increase the limit 3 times UNSUCESSFULLY, I two have other cards over 10k and a 750+ credit rating. Capital One doesnt want good customers, they want people that default PERIOD. Now to piss in the wound they mailed me a new card with the same number WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, which is now lost in the mail, which means I have to close that account number and open a new one. Not a huge deal since I havent used the old card in two years, but the principal of the idea is crazy and its not fun to wait on hold and try to explain the situation to their “english as a third language” customer service.

    Thank you for making my day a little brighter with the picture though.

    I hope more people find this page and learn the truth about one of the worst credit card companies on the planet.

    Comment by Logan — November 21, 2007 @ 9:00 am

  2. I am sitting here waiting to speak with a representative about this overlimit fee that keeps adding up every single month. I have only used the card once and have paid my payment on time each month but have been charged an overlimit fee for the last 6 months an overlimit fee of 39.00, it just keeps adding and adding. I called last week and spoke with a representative, he said that the overlimit fee started because I had paid the minimum amount and my overprotection fee of 4.90 (which they talked me into getting)was causing me to go over, yes can you believe that I was over by 4.90. What a mess. They decidided to credit me one overlimit fee :) but when I checked my aocount online three day’s later the computer or someone had made a mistake and instead of taking one fee off, they added ANOHTER FEE OF 39.00. I called again (because if you try and do a dispute online, conveniently the page won’t come up, hmmm…..)they also make it really hard to speak with a representative by leading you through a bunch of menues until finally somehow just when your ready to give up a pause….and then “if you’de like to speak with a representative please hit 0, and then you hear “due to a large volumne of call’s your wait time may be greater than…..WOW I’m sick of it and frustrated and ready to call my lawyer! This is so….wrong. I just waited to speak with someone once again and I waited over 1/2 hour and the only thing that he said was that I would receive my credit within the next billing cycle, meanwhile my account looks as if I’m over my credit limit, will I be charged again?????? Who know’s. As consumers there should be something we can do, this is just wrong. Another problem I have is when I do get someone *representativeZ* I CAN’T UNDERSTAND THEM!
    Thanks for letting me vent!
    I will look into this and see if this is legal?? It just seem’s wrong :(
    What else can I do.

    Comment by Me — November 27, 2007 @ 11:51 pm

  3. There is an attorney who is compiling Capital One abuses for an upcoming class action suit. He is based in Los Angeles and his name is Barry Kramer. You can Google him and he will represent you.

    Comment by jgmurphy — December 5, 2007 @ 12:10 am

  4. These are by far the most sleazy card anybody can get. I promptly sent in a payment after receiving my first bill. They posted it on the day they received it and cashed my check two days later but it wasn’t reflected in my available credit. Their response to my inquiry is that they hold up crediting account 6-10 days to make sure check clears. No problem I said but you already cashed my check and asked are they going to pay me interest for holding my money just like they charge me interest for using theirs. Of course the reply was no and no matter what question I asked after that the rep continued to tell me what thier policy was. They have now had my money for a week but my account isn’t updated. I can imagine that If I waited any longer to send in payment they would have held it until past due date and charged me late fee. Ther’s gotta be a law against this.

    Comment by Paul — December 6, 2007 @ 10:23 am

  5. Whats in your wallet?

    Comment by Wayne — December 16, 2007 @ 8:09 am

  6. I haven’t used the card since August and cannot cancel it. They transfer me and I’m on hold up to 40mins waiting for anyone…no one.

    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas and the BBB.

    Comment by Nancy — December 21, 2007 @ 11:04 am

  7. I recommend that you always read the contract before taking any cc. We as Americans think that you must use the card for all purchases. But if you do remember its going to cost you. So as they all say use wisely and pay for the purchase in full upon receipt of bill. If this is not possible always pay more than the minimum payment.

    Comment by BigDog — December 21, 2007 @ 12:15 pm

  8. Tell us more about the class action lawsuit. For the last several weeks, ever since they changed to a new server (so they tell me) the online payment system does not work. Unless you stay on this they will charge late fees for their problem and they have done nothing to notify customers of their problems. You have to discover their problems for them and then it is an up hill battle with all sorts of uninformed phone reps to get any answers. Tonight I was told for the first time after 20 plus calls, that there is a “Senior Management Team” who can tell me when this problem will be fixed. I was told to call the regular customer service number and ask for this team. Ugh! I can’t pay this off and transfer to another card fast enough. What a nightmare!

    Comment by tammie — December 27, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

  9. In July 2007, the Capital One increased my interest rate, from livable 9.9% to 15.9% - without an earthly reason. I was never late, never over the limit, had the stupid plastic monkey for over 10 years - that is the “reward” for loyal customers, I guess. Thieves figure out that once hooked, is asleep at the wheel and will not take notice of anything.

    I closed the account per automated phone call on July 31, 2007. I had accumulated $11.63 of the “reward”. I naively thought that they will just cut me a check and it would be over. Little did I know.

    The account is closed - supposedly - but I just received another statement. On December 31, 2007. So, I closed the account on July 31, yesterday was December 31 - five months after closing the account I still receive statements? WTF?

    I wonder what is going on, and if I should complain - but to WHOM? I do have perfect or near perfect credit, and I don’t want it ruined…

    Comment by Margaret — January 1, 2008 @ 8:22 am

  10. if yu wanna know how to work cap1 let me know/ I worked for them i know ALL the ins and outs from fees to inr=tg rate to credit limits

    Comment by Christine — January 12, 2008 @ 10:59 pm

  11. It seems like a lot of people have negative things to say about Capital One. Rediculous fees, low credit limits, APRs that change without notice - the list goes on and on!

    We’d love to hear your feed back. We just recently started a poll on the
    Worst / Best Credit Card Issuers. Feel free to stop by and give us your opinions.

    Comment by ASAP Credit Card — January 14, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

  12. I just called to close my Capital One Visa. They’ve been screwing me for years, but I never learn and end up with another one of their cards. I’ve become a Dave Ramsey follower and have been paying off all my credit cards. The people at Capital One are morons. They transfered me about 10 times just to close my card. Then I tried to ask a question and the guy actually berated me for interrupting him! WTF? Then he wouldn’t give me a straight answer to my question. Basically, they don’t actually close your account for 60 days so they can charge you interest and fees on the balance you just paid off. They are horrible. The borrower is slave to the lender. I hate Capital One.

    Comment by Jennifer — January 24, 2008 @ 6:15 am

  13. I had a capitalone card also and canceled it once i got approved for a visa card capitalone sucks you make payments etc and the post the payment when they feel like it

    Stay away from capitalone

    Comment by Jason — January 25, 2008 @ 7:32 am

  14. […] Capital One Sucks! […]

    Pingback by Capital One Sucks - Michael Boyd Clark Personal Site — February 1, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

  15. You people are how old? You should know by now that credit is credit, and it does not matter with what company you have credit with, we all have policies and procedures that we all have to follow. Don’t be bitchy to the agent that you get all because YOU received a past due fee or an overlimit fee, its not the agent that sits there and says “oh i think i should charge this customer a past due fee or even better yet why don’t i tack on an overlimit fee as well, just to p-ss the customer off” Customers don’t realize that when you first call in to capital one, you get a customer relations agent that may be having a good day and all because you received a fee on YOUR account, you scream at us thinking that its going to get you somewhere, you call us every name in the book, and because of that one call that an agent may have, has now turned their day into a bad one. Why don’t you give yourself a pat on the f-cking back for making someone’s day miserable for the rest of that day, congrats on the one. I guess you now have passed your grade 1 class! Oh and another thing, why is it that people think that they can ask for our supervisors to do something that we are capable of doing, our supervisors are there to supervise us not YOUR accounts, they can do just as much as we can. And another thing, don’t bitch at us when you receive a fee or your interest rate (apr) goes up (membership fee, overlimit fee, past due fee) if you would all just read your original terms, then you would see that capital one reserves the right to charge these fees if YOU AS A CUSTOMER DO NOT PAY ON TIME OR YOUR ACCOUNT GOES OVERLIMIT AT ANYTIME DURING YOUR BILLING CYCLE because you dont hold up your end of the bargin. When you first signed up, and yes if you would all just read that nice fine print that you get when you either applied for the card or when you get your card and your first paper stating that your approved. YOU CONTROL THE ACCOUNT SO WHY DONT YOU START ACTING LIKE YOUR OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE CREDIT.

    Comment by Janet — February 11, 2008 @ 5:47 pm

  16. Well Janet, Your attitude here assuming that every one is “immature” based on “how old are you people?” comment, shows alot about YOUR attitude. That is exactly what people are complaining about. Aside from being a total irresponsible individual, I don’t know of anyone that would deliberately not pay thier bill on time.You have to understand that things happen in life, illness, hard times, and just because a person may fall in one of those situations, that does NOT make them uncreditworthy, or irresponsible.
    Most want to, and do correct the situation as swiftly as possible. I think most people don’t take issue with paying one overlimit fee, or a past due fee, if they were in fact delinquent on an obligation.
    However, they do not want to be charged consistent fee’s, after they have made good on the ones they did owe. When Capital One goes out of thier way to figure out how they can screw a customer, by posting a payment late, denying the payment was recieved, or pyramiding fee’s to line thier greedy pockets, what do you expect?
    If one does need to call Capital One, they expect to get a representative who can assist them with thier problem, even if they can’t solve it. Not being put on hold for 15 minutes at a time, and being transferred to every Tom, Dick and Jane in the universe..and with the same results..NONE.Not to mention talked to rudely, or laughed at! I mean WHY are you there, if you cannot assist a customer, or point them in the direction of someone who may be able to?
    You need to search customer complaints for Capital One, and you will see that many, many people have been burnt by Capital One, when they upfront didn’t owe any of these fee’s etc. All they tried to do was close thier accounts, only to be charged bogus fee’s for whatever.
    Poeple with attitudes like you have exhibited here are one of the reasons Capital One is so hated. Mayby if you “knowledgeable and mature reps” would show your customers a little respect, you would get it back.
    Its not necessary to scream at people by typing in Caps…so take a chill pill and find another job. Apparently this one has you wayyyy too stressed! The language you are using is not very becoming either:
    “yourself a pat on the f-cking back for making”
    Hardly sounds like YOU are very mature, and yet here you are telling other people how to start “acting like they are old enough to have credit” LOL! What a hypocrisy! Oh well folks, there you have it, another “wondeful Capital One” customer rep., doing what comes natural! >eyerollwink, wink

    Comment by Rose — February 12, 2008 @ 8:49 pm

  17. To get through to an operater all you need do is press the # sign three times at each automated system. This identifies the call as an agent and will put you at the front of the line.

    Comment by fired — February 18, 2008 @ 5:24 pm

  18. Things a rep will say to save an acct that are not true
    1) You can not close this acct until the balance is paid in full. Not True
    2) The acct will take 60 days to close. Not True
    3) I cannot close this acct out you will have to call tomarrow. Rarely True
    4) I will go ahead and waive that fee for you no problem. Rarely True

    People don’t realize that the rep you are calling rarely have more power than you but if you continue asking for a supervisor on your 3rd or 4th transfer you may have the top dog that has a little more pull. If you have had one past due fee waived in 6 months than you are no longer eligable for any waivers. If you have had one pd fee in 6 mos you may not be eligable depending on how much interest and revenue you acct is making. It is against the law to tell you that you have to pay the acct in full before closing. The truth is that your acct is coded to close the moment you ask for it and actually closes out within 30 days of the last payment. The only reason you chould have to call back to close an acct is if the retention department is closed they close from 11pm-7am central time. So you all want to know why you are being lied to right. The reason is Capital one has two out sourcing companies that compete with there retention dept. These companies have to beat them every month. If they don’t the bottom reps are fired because they didn’t meet goal or some other excuse to raise their numbers. So basically you are being lied to because capital one pays let say 400 for every new customer and let say 20 for every retained customer. So the woman that has no husband and 3 kids that depend on that job fears for her job every day that she doesn’t make a 65% save rate. God forbid a corperate CEO have to take a pay cut for better customer service for the customer and job security for the working person. Most credit cards work this way it just happens that Capital one doesn’t care if they get caught with their pants down.

    Comment by fired — February 18, 2008 @ 5:43 pm

  19. This goes out to Rose who posted a comment on Feb 12 2008.

    Thanks for thinking that I am an immature person, I am probably one of the only people that is not immature. I just take credit seriously. I understand that people go through hard times, i understand that people loose their jobs, I understand these things. I just cannot stand it when people blame things on other people instead of taking on the blame themselves. For example: “Why did I get a past due fee on my account when I sent the payment in 4 days before it was due” This sentence is the absolute stupidest thing that I have ever heard in my life, just because you have mail that gets to its destination in 2 days does not mean that is the time frame for every other piece of mail out there. We all know that once it leaves your hands, its out of your hands and you no longer control the situation, but until the company gets that payment its out of their hands as well. A long time ago when I got my first credit card, I never ever blamed anyone for something like that, if a payment was received later, I took it upon myself to make sure that the following months payment was sent earlier than 4 days. That is taking the blame on yourself, 4 days to have mail get to its destination, yes it is enough time but you can never trust the USPS these days. Companies have policies and procedures that people can’t just go around breaking them when ever someone calls in saying I want this fee waived, I had it waived before, and if you won’t waive it then I want to speak with someone higher who can. I am sure you would understand that if all companies do this then all companies out there would go bankrupt because the companies were trying to please everyone. As the saying goes for everything in life, “You just cannot please everyone, people are going to be happy, and people are going to be mad”

    Comment by Janet — February 23, 2008 @ 3:41 pm

  20. to the person who claims to be fired

    man have you ever been given the wrong idea with everything, everything that you said, is so untrue, maybe its a good thing that you have been fired, next time pay attention in training and stop sleeping and then maybe you will learn a thing or two

    Comment by Janet — February 23, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

  21. After many years of being a Cap One customer, in the summer of 2007 Cap One sent me a notice that my platinum card’s interest rate would rise from 5.9% to 15%+, unless I chose not to accept the new change. I chose not to accept and Cap One restricted/froze my card. No problem. I continued to make payments and was charged at the 5.9% rate. I paid off the account in full this month, in fact overpaying them by almost $300. When I phoned them to find out when my refund check for the overpayment would be sent to me, the customer support person in the Phillipines said it would take 90 days after the last zero-balance billing cycle for my check to be sent. I told them that this was unacceptable, since Cap One certainly wouldn’t wait 90 days for ME to pay THEM. Flustered, she transferred me to a customer service rep in Canada. The verbal dancing started all over again, with the rep telling me about Cap One’s 90-day policy. I mentioned that I would be contacting my U.S. Congressman to enlist his help in dealing with Cap One’s interest-free use of MY money for 3 months and to complain about Cap One’s shady business practices. This brought a change of attitude and the rep couldn’t be more helpful. After about 10 minutes of waiting on hold, she came back to tell me that they could do a “rush” check that would be cut within 7 business days and mailed to me, with a transit time of up to 10 days. We’ll see how this goes. Capitol One has certainly acted poorly and will NEVER see my business again. I think I’ll report them to my Congressman anyway, just because they’ve pissed me off, wasted my time and kept my money longer than needed.

    Comment by Erik — February 27, 2008 @ 10:27 am

  22. anyone want to try and file suit against capital one, for carpet-bombing our country with WAY TOO MUCH MAIL? COuld be harrassment.

    i don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve had enough! I’ve seen too many people with too many pieces from CO. They even used large envelopes..and today (a first) I got an envelope with a sheet of bubble wrap inside!!! thought they would throw me off. instead they just p-ed me off and got me to a point where i really am going to look into what we can do , as a group to file a formal complaint.

    what do you think?

    Comment by kris — February 27, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

  23. Seems every time I tried to use online banking to make my payment, the website is down. I’ve had it. Capital One can kiss my a$$.

    Comment by pissed — February 27, 2008 @ 6:01 pm

  24. Janet I am sorry you feel that way. I was fired due to health issues not performance. I can tell you though that just because you or I was good on the phones is not to say that everyone is. I have had numerous awrds for customer satisfaction as well as quality.
    Unfortunatly not everyone has my work ethic. To have you say that I slept through training is highly unfair there were no Janets in my class. From what I can see you just like shooting people down. Which is fine everyone has to have their niche in life.

    Comment by fired — March 4, 2008 @ 3:00 pm

  25. F Capital One

    Comment by f all of this — March 5, 2008 @ 10:42 am

  26. 1) Credit cards were never meant to be used for cash advances. Had you bothered to read your terms , you would have seen the huge interest rate charged on every cash advance.
    2) Every idiot knows that you should mail your payment well in advance in case there are delays in shipment. NO CREDIT CARD COMPANY CARES ABOUT THE POSTMARK DATE. If your payment is not RECEIVED by 5:00 PM on the due date, you WILL be charged a late fee. Hint: Send your payments in a week before they are due, or use pay over the phone option.
    3) OK, at this point your post was just laughable, because it shows that not only can you not take responsibility for your actions, but also that you have horrible money management skills. You kept your credit card almost AT LIMIT, which is something that should NEVER be done. When that late fee pushed you OVER THE LIMIT, you got an OVERLIMIT fee.
    4) From 99% of these posts I can see that it was actually a consumer at fault, not the company. The problem is that people expect to be babied by large corporations. You make a mistake, you pay for it. Take responsibility, and stop blaming others for your mistakes. Capital One is one of the largest credit card companies in the country, so all of these posts only go to show how much of our population does not know ANYTHING about credit. You probably have all kinds of credit problems, but have chosen to blame Capital One because they are the easiest target. But, I digress…
    Peace Out!

    Comment by Cap1 Guy — March 11, 2008 @ 10:06 pm

  27. I had a Capital One Visa account for years. In recent months there was fraudulent activity which they resolved promptly and issued another card. Two months later there was fraud on the new card. I finally just closed the account after having to go through the bullshit of fraud reporting AGAIN. There must be someone at Capital One selling card holder info. I can see this happening once, but not twice. It has never happened with my Mastercard with company or my Amex. The truly shitty thing about Capital One is that I wanted to donate my remaining Rewards points. Apparently, they don’t transfer them to other institutions, not even for charity.

    Comment by Sasha — March 17, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

  28. Dear Janet (if that’s your real name),

    Damn it Janet. I just spent two hours getting the run-around from capitl-scum. They put me on hold numerous times, transferred me to a number of people, and didn’t help me at all. I was stupid enough to fall for their intro APR offer, which lasted for one month apparently. I was never late for any payments … I only had the card for three months. They are very dishonest. I asked the person who answered the phone if I could talk to a supervisor … she did not want to do that because she said she could raise my credit limit, etc, etc. She wouldn’t give me her name and she ended up transferring my call … to no one … I guess she hung up. I went through this several times until I got someone in Canada. I told her that I was sorry she had to work for such a dishonest company … I ended up just cancelling the damn card … Janet, I was polite on the phone, but I found this site and then I see your message … Don’t take a customer service job for a company that doesn’t have customer service … you will always have people upset with you … Janet you are guilty of working for an evil company … get out while you can … you will travel the road to peredition with them … save yourself … NOW!!!

    Comment by jimmy s. — March 26, 2008 @ 1:44 pm

  29. EVERYONE should watch the documentary “Maxed Out”. You can find the entire thing if you search for it on Google video. Credit card companies are predatory and EVIL. I just came back from the dead after being in credit card hell. Not gambling, not wasting, not overspending. Long story. Now we only have a small limit card (Capital One) and are doing our best to be responsible. Just paid my card balance today by phone and PAID $10 bucks to do it, its even MORE if you talk to a live person! No payment is due, not late, not over limit. Just responsibly paying off the balance. They F#@% when you come and they F#&@ you when you go. They are making millions if not billions on this kind of $#!& PLUS their late fee and over limit fees of nearly $40 a pop. America…what a country…now bend over and take it up the @$$!!! Get out of debt…get out of debt NOW! And never look back. Don’t be servant to the lender, don’t be a slave to the dollar.

    Comment by Maxed Out — April 10, 2008 @ 2:44 pm

  30. Today April 22nd is Earthday and apparently it is intended to inspire awareness of, and appreciation for the Earth’s environment! CONGRATULATIONS CapitalOne your bubble wrap credit card offer arrived just in time and you are truly an inspiration.

    I am so inspired by you, I am considering sending my check payment in a cardboard box filled with tiny styrofoam pellets. Imagine the mess you have to clean up when it is received and opened by your mailing department. It’s okay though at least I am as responsible as you are and protect my fragile check even if this means we have a little more waste to dispose.

    I framed your previous mailers and proudly displayed them in my office, thinking they are something special and they would maybe gain in value, but now I am running out of space and decided to just send them back to you. I don’t open them anymore, I just mark them with “Acceptance Refused return to sender for recycling” and stick them back in the mail. I am honest, I am not the most conservative person when it comes to our environmental responsibilities, but each time I receive one of your bubble wrap letters I am truly inspired to do more.

    I usually take a moment from my busy stressful day, sit back, relax, close my eyes, and picture the most beautiful site, a football field covered with your bubble wrap mailers. Try it, it’s one tranquil experience and interesting how many obvious reasons I can come up with why we need to cover a football field with your bubble wrap. Thank you CapitalOne, and please don’t forget to promote the idiot that came up with this marketing campaign he truly deserves it.

    Comment by PT — April 22, 2008 @ 10:36 am

  31. […] Capital One Sucks! Really sucks! Category:  Life | Time: 7:50 pm (UTC+8)  Next: Vickie’s blog »» Posted by Chao Wang […]

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  32. I didn’t have time to read all the comments, but they screwed me and the transfer thing is just obnixous. It’s like we can’t figure out that they transfer, hoping you will stop holding, and then end up with a guy that can’t speak english.

    Comment by john — May 15, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

  33. I have read very many FOOLISH comments here. I’ve been a Capital One customer for 10 years, without any problem…even when I took cash advances in college. Many who’ve posted comment here DO NOT UNDERSTAND credit cards because THEY DO NOT TAKE TIME TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Everything is clearly explained. Take time and READ.

    When you read and understand the terms, you know all the fees being charged. I started with a $500 credit limit, which over time has become $12,000. I’m very happy with Capital One.


    Comment by Jake M — May 22, 2008 @ 9:07 am

  34. I agree. 99% of the complaints here are from people with no understanding of credit.

    1. What do you expect when you take cash advances from a credit card? Big mistake. You pay the highest fees.

    2. How can you leave your card near the credit limit? That’s dumb. Any charge will take you over.

    3. How do you pay by check a few days before? Use the internet.

    I’d bet most with negative comments here have bad credit too. Own up to your mistake. Don’t blame others. And as Jake M said, read the terms and conditions.

    Comment by Michael — May 22, 2008 @ 9:25 am

  35. My partner died over two months ago leaving nothing in the estate. Capital One was informed of this immediately, yet TWO MONTHS LATER they continue to CALL HIM as many as 4 times a day.

    Do they think he’s going to be resurrected from the dead to answer the phone?

    They know the estate is in probate and will be contacted by a probate lawyer but they keep calling, asking to speak to a dead man every time.

    Needless to say this has caused considerable additional grief to the family.


    Would YOU want to do business with a corporation that “can’t stop itself” from repeatedly and insistently calling a dead person over and over and over again?

    Comment by ursomniac — May 23, 2008 @ 6:29 am

  36. Hey Janet….Where do you live so I could slap the dot off your stinky ass face!! Yeah we should watch our payment, but get this if you can read ENGLISH!!

    I made a payment YESTERDAY through Capital One’s website at about 1PM. The useless DOT HEADS that work at Capital One tell me that it would not be reflected until TOMORROW. Now what happens if I am TWO DAYS late with their payment??!! They’ll stick it right up my ass with late fees and jack up the interest rate!! So pull you head out of your ass and SHUT UP!!!!

    I would wish that Capital One would burn down but I hate the smell of curry powder.

    Never use the this AWFUL COMPANY!!!!!

    Comment by FukCapOne — June 4, 2008 @ 10:34 am

  37. Yes I quit Capital One. Sent in my last payment and they reported as a late payment and blemished my credit report.FU CAP ONE.

    Comment by Craig Knight — June 8, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

  38. June 2008: Capital One raised their “Minimum Payment Calculation” on my account to 3% of the card’s balance. Since my balance is approx $10k, that one-percent is a significant increase to each month’s payment.

    Previously, it was 2% but I was late on one payment - a first since obtaining this card more than five years ago.

    I received a call from Capital One’s collections department, asking me to bring the account into good standing. I obliged and paid the late payment, their late fees AND the current month’s payment in one shot, brining my account into good standing ($600+). The caller failed to tell me that he was raising my Minimum Payment Percentage. Guess he overlooked that little detail.

    I wrote the company, asking to please put me back to 2%, but they responded with nothing more than a definition of how the minimum payment is calculated. Their letter closed with “You are a valued customer and we thank you for choosing Capital One”.

    How’s that for a slap in the face? So much for “customer appreciation / service”. Googling this company, I see that I am not the only one with the misfortune of being a Capital One card holder and experiencing similar frustrations with this shady company.

    I am going to pay off the entire balance and close this account forever. Capital One is the worst credit card I have ever owned in my 38 years.

    Comment by Westchaser — June 20, 2008 @ 7:57 pm

  39. June 23, 2008, I am currently on hold - over 40 minutes. I called last month and they told me they would waive my 59 dollar annual fee and don’t worry about paying it. Well they didn’t “waive” it AND I got a late fee. At the time I had a zero balance and now I owe 74 dollars! They told me my call was “terminated” and so they werent able to process it. I am still on hold, total phone call time is 45 minutes. I think they are waiting for me to hang up so they can say I “terminated” the call for real this time……

    Comment by Lupe — June 23, 2008 @ 8:42 pm

  40. I HATE THIS COMPANY AND THE OUTSOURCED MORONS WHO WORK FOR IT. Bottom line the website is ridiculous, and the rep I spoke with even had the audacity to confirm it and stated that I should just call in to make sure payments are processed accordingly as “sometimes” there are inaccuracies. Why am I paying such ridiculous interest rates for inaccuracies? To those sad sacks who have the nerve to sit there and back up a company who has tirelessly found any and every which way to screw people out of their earned money while under the guise of building “good credit”: I hope you lose a limb to someone who is more than willing to beat you over the head with it. As for having a credit card, that was my capricious youth, a mistake i do not intend to repeat and one which I will advocate against to peers and students for the rest of my credit-slaved life.

    Comment by JOJOLA — June 24, 2008 @ 4:32 pm

  41. I don’t mind paying a late fee, but $39 a pop….c’mon. The only reason my payment was late is because I tried to pay the bill online (well in advance), and it sent the payment back, claiming that it was an invalid account number. Even though I sent a check payment from the same account and it went through fine. Capital One is worthless.

    Comment by aye — July 2, 2008 @ 7:35 am

  42. TIP: Send a detiled complaint to your state’s Attorney General, they should forward a formal complaint/request to Cap One. Also, record your phone calls with Cap One if your state law aloows this, check state law first. When Cap One refused to deal with me on falsely reported info they had sent to credit reporting bureaus, I informed them that I had recorded phone conversations to support my position…they informed me that they would hang up and end the call. I detailed this in my complaint to the state Attorney General…low and behold my credit reports now reflect very complimentary records from Cap One. I think the AG complaint and the detailed information therein scared the crap out of the blood-sucking predators known as Cap One!!!

    Comment by Kandyce — July 7, 2008 @ 2:47 am

  43. I took a personal loan out through Capital One for a considerable amount of money. A couple of years later I received an offer for an additional amount at 7.99% interest at a reasonable amount. We did the transaction over the phone and the girl stated 7.99% interest. Well, I get the check and a letter listing the reasons why I will be paying more plus at 10.99% interest. Dumb me, I cashed the check and mailed a dispute letter as to my credit rating, etc. I have a very good rating, etc. I didn’t get a response to my letter, so I mailed another in June. I told them I didn’t want anymore offers, just a response to my letter about lowing the interest and payments. I didn’t get a response and called Capital One today. I asked them about responding to my correspondence. They said they would not respond by letter because I didn’t want to hear from them again. HELLO? They were not willing work with me. They can burn in hell for all I care.

    Comment by Dagmar — July 8, 2008 @ 8:41 pm

  44. Capital one Does suck. They wont let u pay the balance off… Once they get there lips on your wallet It is almost impossible to pry them off! Beware of Capital one!

    Comment by Mike — July 13, 2008 @ 9:42 am

  45. Funny thing with capital one is they will also bring you to court and garnish wages for a 500$ credit card as well.

    Comment by Brian — July 22, 2008 @ 9:02 am

  46. Omigod, wish I had seen this site before I got a capital one card. Just canceled it today. Went topay online, but site was “down.’ So was phone payment plan, and they said no prob but hit me with a 39 dollar late fee anyway. AND they keep putting charges that were made on my card when it was stolen BACK ON and then CHARGING ME OVERCHARGE FEES!! They don’t send emails til day payment due, and then ayment service mysteriously doesn’t work and they claim it took ten days for payment to reach them by mail. So I have “fixed” illegal charges twice, but they have added them on and charged me penalty fees accordingly yet again…I am suing.

    Comment by CJ — July 22, 2008 @ 3:28 pm

  47. These fuckers charged me an overlimit fee on fraudulent charges. FUCK YOU CAPIOL ONE!

    Comment by greg — July 24, 2008 @ 9:23 am

  48. Capital One and their winged monkey sub-companies are all the worst bottom feeders in the credit market. They PREY on people. We paido our Capital one cards off years ago and closed our accounts back when the good old Cap1sucks site was still running. Almost everyday myself, my husband and each of our two college aged kids get thick invite envelopes from Capital One begging us to sign on with them. I gleefully skip over to the old paper shredder and say, “Eat this Capital ONE!” I envision that paper as dollars of capital one’s money that I’m shredding…keep the ridiculous overload of offers coming…I’ll keep shredding!

    Comment by Pissed Off for Years — July 25, 2008 @ 6:54 pm

  49. I have a Capital One Credit card and when I have a problem I have to speak to a non English speaking Rep from Manilla or India. I waste about 45 min just on one call. I am gonna close my account because I can’t deal with Capital One wasting my time. My Credit is very good I don’t need them they need me. Goodbye Capital One use guys suck!

    Comment by David — July 29, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

  50. Capital One is full of fools! When I opened my account with them I was told I would not have to pay a membership fee so long as I maintained a good account standing. Needless to say over the past year I never went over my balance, and always made my payments on time. I received a membership fee this month, and when I called to get it waived they refused. So I canceled my account. Why would capital one throw away a great customer such as myself? Get a credit card with your bank and avoid the bullshit that is capital one.

    Comment by Vagn — July 31, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

  51. This website is excellent but everyone needs to take it a step further. Please report these incidents to your local politicians and your state’s attorney general. With enough complaints an investigation will be initiated.

    Comment by Kate — August 24, 2008 @ 6:14 pm

  52. I also hate this company and will never do business with them again. I’ve had my account with them for 6 years and fell into the trap of “activate to find out your credit limit”. They gave me a credit limit of $500 despite my credit score of 786. You can imagine my disbelief when I recently noticed that they charged me a $59 annual fee despite the fact that they never mailed a change of terms to me. I called them, was assured it would be refunded and it wasn’t. I called back several days later and the rep claimed that there wasn’t even a record of my call (yeah right!) and that he couldn’t waive it. He said that there were no “pricing options” available. I asked him if he was really trying to say that Cap One did not value me as a customer. He stuttered a bit before finally saying ” Yes, it basically means that they don’t care if they keep the account or not”. I said, “Great, close it then!”. Of course, I now have to wait 60 days before it’s finally closed and I just saw some very tiny print on my last statement that said “swiping or using the card will re-open the account”. Very sneaky.

    I have several other credit cards with other banks ( USAA for example) and they are very honest companies. When there is a change in terms, they notify you well in advance, giving you time to opt out if you so choose. Their fees are reasonable as well. I understand that credit card companies are in the business of making money, but Capital One is doing it in a very underhanded and shady manner. For those employees posting on this board, you obviously feel under attack; however, you should understand that the complaints are not persona attack son employees but on the company and it’s culture as a whole.

    I will never…NEVER…do business with this company again.

    Comment by Rhonda — August 29, 2008 @ 8:17 pm

  53. Fuck them Motherfuckers!! I have tried several times to get a membership fee removed on a card that i never use. The Customer Services Reps that i spoke with were in India, or some other dot head area. Two month went by, and i received a statement for the same balance that I had removed several months prior. What the fuck! I called back and I was reassured that my fee is removed and my account was in good standing. This past Friday, i received a letter in the mail that said I had requested to close my account. Now nothing can be done. I guess that was easiest way to shut me up rather that spend a few minutes to fix the problem. Way to go Capital One!! It might help not to farm out your employment to a sweat shop in India or Pakistan so that they can understand English.

    Comment by Brian Haynes — September 7, 2008 @ 9:13 am

  54. I concur with the original reply in this thread. Capital One wants customers who are bad risks so it can rip then off with junk fees and penal rates of interest. Here’s my situation:- myself, 806 credit score, six figure income, $2k credit limit; my student daughter, no credit record, 2k income, $2.5k credit limit. Hmm…

    Comment by Colin — September 9, 2008 @ 10:13 pm

  55. welcome to the 21st century sir. It has never been
    illegal, or “highway robbery” as most of you
    like to call it, to charge fees for allowing your
    account to exceed its limit or go past due.
    You have an alloted grace period, to make your
    payment. If you fault, accept the consequence.
    If you, like thousands of other capone cardholders
    claims the reason for your acct falling into
    a pd status is because “you didnt recieve your
    statement”, GO PAPERLESS. It comes to you quicker
    than the mail does anyways, so you don’t have
    to call my center and complain to me that 25
    business days is not enough time to pay your bill. with that being said, no, of course we do not go by post dated payments. your due date is the day your payment is due. Make your payment when it is due, or
    pay a fee. and yes a paste due fee can absolutley put you overlimt, creating 2 different fees. if you choose to max out your credit, and than not pay your bill, you expect us to say, “ok, joe didnt pay us his
    payment on time, but we wont charge him a fee” OF COURSE WE WILL. it is your fault you didnt pay your bill on time, resulting in a pd fee. and it is your fault you maxed out your card,
    not allowing any available credit for the overlimt fee you deserve for maxing out your card. If this all seems unacceptable, or too much to handle, perhaps you are not responsible enough to hold a credit card.
    If you had someone that owed you money and you needed it by a certain date and that borrowerer never followed through with a promised payment, I am sure you
    would be upset, therefore I am sure you can understand.
    You must understand if you have any common sense
    that money does not grow on trees, capital one
    may be a lender, but we are also a borrower.
    we borrows your credit from a lending officer’
    that expects prompt payments as well. If you
    dont make your payment, than we have to pay it
    for you, as our lending office expects their
    money, much as we do. When you dont make your
    payment we have to for you, so we pass down
    the past due fee our lending officer assesses to us,
    to you. Trust me, we are not “screwing you”
    you are correct in stating that usury is illegal
    and contrary to what you may beleive business
    corporations can ‘get away with’, we would not be
    in business if we were practising illegally.
    I assure you of this. Money is an essential part
    of life and Credit card companies need to make their
    money through fees and/or finance charges.
    Pay your bill on time, be responsible and be sure your
    credit limit does exceed, and you will
    never have to pay anything than than our money
    back to us. REMEMBER, that is our money we
    have lent to you. when we assess fees, we
    are not stealing your money. you are
    paying us OUR money back. Also, know that
    when money is tight, we understand. Not
    everyone has thousands of dollars to fork
    out when a natural disaster happens or
    when a family member dies or when you are
    being hospiatlized. we understand. we always
    have fee waiver exception policies for
    hardship prgrams. all you have to do is ask.
    the only reason you will ever be denied is
    because you have taken advnatage of us. your
    acct is tracked, obviously, so we know
    how many times you have requested hardship,
    someone can only be hospitalized so many times
    before it comes time for you to make alternate
    arrangements for your bills to be paid.
    You people complain about not receiving credit limit increases after being with us “for a decade” and having ‘cards over 10k” ALLOW ME TO OPEN THIS PICTURE A LITTLE WIDER FOR YOU. IF YOU HAVE
    multiple credit cards equalling over 10k in debt, why would capital one issue you more available credit. having debt is not always a good thing. It does not build practise for lending operations to
    always want to offer you more money. sometimes if you have too much debt to your name, that can negativly impact you. How do you not understand this? PLEASE, do not call our call centers and say
    “why do i only have a credit limit of 5000 with you, but with AMEX i have 10000, Wells fargo I have 50000, x I have 30 000 and x I have 10 000, because trust me, as agents we always put you on mute and
    scream, THERE IS YOUR ANSWER RETARD! your 100000 outstanding debt balance is why capital one is consiously only offering you 5000.
    I would like to correct comment 18:
    1) that actually is true. why would we close
    your account when you still have a balance
    owing on the account? you have to pay us our
    money back before we will close your account
    whether or not you feel you owe us what we
    lent you. what you spent of ours! When you
    request to close the account, we put it into
    what we call a coded to close status. It notes
    the account that the cardholder wants the account
    close, and after the account fully cycling at
    a zero balance we will close your account
    for you, COMPLETELY.
    you will never get a ‘top dog’ better than
    any front line agent. ALL of our supervisors
    are agents as well. That is what you fail to
    understand. Agents that have good stats (customer
    service, product selling, attendance, etc) are
    randomly pulled off the phones and become what
    we call internally as “floor walkers”. but to
    you, they are our supervisors. they walk the floor
    and wait for angry people who request to speak
    to someone of higher authority. that agent (
    who please keep in mind, one hour ago was working right beside
    me doing the same job i was) is now your supervisor.
    so please, know we aren’t lying when we tell you
    that we would be more than happy to get you
    a supervisor, but our ’supervisors’ have the same
    account access that we currently have and they
    cant help you anymore better than I can. ITS TRUE!
    our actual superviors are called Team leads
    and they dont take calls. they never will. they
    are there to supervise us and help us. not you.

    Comment by ashley — September 26, 2008 @ 8:50 pm

  56. For the bozo’s that say most of the complaints here are from people who haven’t read their terms and conditions, clearly, you can’t READ.

    I too have had a capitalone card for over 4 years. I have NEVER missed a payment, nor have I ever been overdrawn. Well, just like many others here, they’ve left me a $500 credit line for 4 years and refused to increase it when I requested! Obviously, it showed how crappy capitalone is and that they are NOT concerned with building ANY relationships at all.

    Before I finish I want to mention my Beacon/FICO score is also 700+ like some others. So this isn’t like i’m some deadbeat so that isn’t any excuse for capitalone either.

    Anyway, the cream of the crop is this, I too was told to apply for a different capitalone card and i’d probably get a higher credit line. So I did so, I ended up with a LOWER CREDIT line and called to cancel that OLD account (since the interest rate was higher) and simply match my old PERFECT STANDINJG ACCOUNT a Measly couple hundred dollars, just to show good faith for my perfect history and as long as i’ve been with them.

    And after all, it’s still a capitalone account so the relationship is with the same bank so who cares, I closed the other account out ANYWAY! Well get this, I call and speak to a Supervisor who sounds as slow and “LD” as the other reps. He proceeds to speak like a robot and tells me capitalone reviews accounts periodcally…BLAH BLAH BLAH…I said shut your piehole you LD SOB. I’m thru with Capitalone…..cancel my new account and I’ll never do business with you again.
    They did me a favor…..reading all these posts did me a FAVOR…I have a citibank card with 10 times the creditline, an extremely low interest rate, and SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE…citibank really puts capitalone to SHAME… Capitalone really does suck.

    They lost a guy who had been with them for years, who NEVER had an OD fee or a late fee, who made their payments on time and who used their card all the time….not anymore and NEVER AGAIN…capitalone totally, totally SUCKS.

    Comment by D.P. — September 27, 2008 @ 4:14 pm

  57. I’m actually surprised at all the negativity surrounding Capital One. They originally set me up with a 0% APR on Purchases for a year Platinum credit card that I found hard to dismiss. I didn’t have to pay any hidden setup or annual fees, either. Granted, the limit was only $300 but I didn’t care so much about that since I was trying to build a credit history. 4 months later they sent me a letter that my limit had been increased to $500. A sweet little bonus for paying on time, I guess? Anyway, I just called today and the representative increased my limit from $500 to $4,000 in about 15 seconds. All I could say was, “Wait.. that’s it?”

    Just figured I’d throw my two cents in since my overall experience has been decent…

    Comment by JT — October 2, 2008 @ 3:09 pm

  58. Thank-You for this website. After reading all of it;i just tore up the Capital One offer for ther credit card;i recently received. i would have applied; but now no way.Again Thank-You; i pray you are blessed 10fold.

    Comment by Thank-You — October 5, 2008 @ 2:01 am

  59. Well, it was 2003 I had became a junior in high school and I wanted a good credit card. Already I opened up a bank account and had a different credit card. But, I wanted to try this card out since the commercials were really cool. Well, they ended up sending me a offer and I was enticed to get the card. Now, it’s 2008 and I’m in the millitary overseas this is the worst card for a service member in any branch of the millitary. I’ve been deployed for the past nine months and as a private in the ARMY it’s not everyday you want to make long phone calls becuase your always busy. This credit card is the worst I had saved up a bunch of money being deployed and all. I finally paid this credit card off mind you it was a 4k bill. The account was a zero for a month and when I went on mid tour leave these people sent me a notice in the mail saying I had a late fee…That really pissed me off, so I called and explianed to the rep. what my situation is being a deployed soldier he didn’t care. Instead, he offered me to pay over the phone for an extra charge of 14.99USD I was totally pissed off. During my tour over here I wanted to use this card to buy weight supplements online. They declined me, mind you I’ve had this card since 2003 you’d think I could use this card if I wanted to. CapitalOnce locked me out of my account so, I had no way to contact customer service but through the phone. So, I walked in this 130 plus degree weather out here in the sandbox to get a phone and speak to a rep. He told me becuase I didn’t know my security questions and the charge didn’t seem like me “EVEN THOUGH I’VE BEEN IN FULL POSSESION OF MY F**KING CARD SINCE 2003″. I didn’t care I explained to him my situation and was very dissapointed. Lets go back to my mid tour leave I went to check my account online since I didn’t want to pay over the phone. (TO SAVE 14.99USD’S) CapitalOne locked me out of my account again. On the way back to the sandbox I got mad and cancelled my card. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITALONE AGAIN I STRONGLY SUGGEST PEOPLE TO CONSIDER ANOTHER CREDITCARD THAT IS BETTER! After, being a customer for almost 5 years they never gave me a credit raise. Paying off 6k I only have 1,250 reward miles. Thats not even enough to book a flight from Los Angles to Reno Nevada. What kind of $hit is that? My 1,250 reward miles won’t even get me a keychain off their rewards site. SCREW CAPITALONE! I’ve owned a different credit card since I’ve gotten the capitalone card and that card is a whole lot better. This other credit card upped my spending limit and gave me more rewards towards a new car purchase. I’m pleased with my other credit card. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CAPITALONE ANYMORE!

    Comment by PFC. Pepper U.S. ARMY — October 15, 2008 @ 1:42 am

  60. That whole ‘over limit penalty’ is a fraud. If the bank approves payments that put the account over the limit, that is THEIR failure, not yours.

    I don’t know how they get away with that. I know a few people like me, that keep a low credit limit card for internet purchases, with the intention that the banks refusal to approve purchases above the limit provides a secondary protection against fraudulent use of the card number.

    So Cap1 chooses to pay charges above the limit, failing us once, and then adds injury to insult by penalizing us for their failure. I just found a note on my credit report from that outfit, tripling the offense. What a piece of ‘work’, Capital One is.


    Comment by David Keeney — October 15, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

  61. We had a Cap One card, I lost my job ($43,000) so we became a one income family ($32,000) got behind on payments. CO refused to offer any assistance so they sued us. Was making payments every month. Wife got job transfer, moved to from MO to AZ. The law firm (Kramer&Frank) closed/cancelled my account. One month later CO cleans out our bank account in MO. People, pay off your card and close they account.

    Comment by Robert — October 27, 2008 @ 7:08 am

  62. I went to the UK. I used my Capitol One card
    to buy a train ticket from Heathrow to Paddington. After that my card was declined.
    Their fraud software detected me being more
    than 10 miles from home. Their computer called my home telephone and listened to my answering
    maching saying I would be in the UK for 3 days.
    Since I could not respond to their unbeknownst to me fraud verification computer, they shut down my card.
    There is nothing warning one to call Capitol One when leaving one’s immediate vicinity nor is anything printed on the card itself.
    They just shut you off and could care less. I wrote a handwritten complaint to the CEO Richard Farbank, and got a “canned” letter back regretting any inconvenience.

    Comment by Tom — October 27, 2008 @ 10:57 am


    Comment by rick — October 29, 2008 @ 8:08 am

  64. Captial One is the shittiest credit card company in the world. I will never do business with them again. If they send me a credit card appication in the future, it will be shredded along with some odorous material added to the envlope, then sent postage paid on their behalf- right back to them.

    Between the idiots at Capital one, and in the stock market and finiancial industries- all of which who have ran our American economy into the ground- I am being forced to appear in court over- get this- $1300.00 total chump change to the credit card companies.

    I’ve been layed off three times in the past 4 years, once due to idiots at these corporation who outsourced jobs to the Phillippines.

    Charges were made on a Capital One card in the amount of $700 for one month’s rent- so that I could not be homeless. In turn, this company pulled off their ‘rip off’ tactic that was noted here in this article, overlimit fees and late fees… jacking the total up to well over $1300.00

    Capital One is the most relentless and abusive credit card company. What’s in my wallet? A debit card, that’s all I need.

    So now, after they’ve hosed the housing market, they’re coming after the people that are unemployed, barely scraping by to make ends meet on food stamps and unemployment insurance… over $1300? Then hit me with the additional court costs as well?

    Its a shame, Capital One and its lawyers, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

    Screw the credit card companies and the financial lenders who are more posessed about putting money in their wallets, by sending jobs overseas and screwing the poor.

    Honestly I really wonder what would happen if this were to make it to the local news here and around the world. It really is a shame these companies are so greedy. To me its just like the napster incident, suing the poor girl who had kids- and couldnt afoord music, so she downloaded it. The case was dropped.

    Thanks for the photo, would like to know where that Capital One sign is so I can go piss on it myself.


    Comment by Anonymous — October 31, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

  65. Capital One is a normal credit card company and they have fees just like any other. I have been reading some of these write ups and I’m impresses with some of the stories I’m reading. If your late on your bills and need help start answering the collection calls, we have a lot of programs to help, but if you just have family and children answer the phone and lie, then your account charges off, then there is a good chance we will sue you. I know that one person said 1400, that’s chump change, but if it is why don’t just pay it, Credit cards charge-off at 180 days so you have six months to get some help. If you get a change in terms in the mail because you have done nothing wrong then you can simply OPT-out and close the account. Then you just pay the balance off at your current terms. Last thing, we have around 50 million accounts and write now charge offs are around 6%, that leaves the other 94% making up for the 6% that charged off.

    Comment by CapOne — November 8, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

  66. Capitol One Is a POS Bank, I hope they go under or better yet I hope India gets its ass kicked
    by Pakistan. Kill everyone in Cap Ones Tech Support Department In India! PLEASE!!! Fu@king Morons!

    Comment by Mark — December 3, 2008 @ 9:31 am

  67. Poster of #65 can DIAF too.

    Comment by Mark — December 3, 2008 @ 9:34 am

  68. I can not wait to pay them off and cancel my credit card. over limit fees, late fees, no grace period, i was one day late and they charged me 39.99 Every time i talk to someone on the phone on customer service i can not understand them.

    Comment by chris — December 8, 2008 @ 1:47 pm

  69. Dec. 3, 2008 I called to cancel my credit card account with Capital One. This was two days before the membership fee of $39.34 was due (the 34 cents is for payment protection I never canceled…lol).

    Two weeks later, as of Dec. 19 2008 I’m looking at a past due statement for $15.47. The posting date for this charge? Dec. 5…the same day membership fees would have been paid had I not canceled.

    I’m now faced with the task of joining many others in trying to get Capital One to drop charges assessed after account closing, something that as I write up the ruff draft of my complaint letter, my gut tells me won’t be easy.

    Comment by Kevin — December 20, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

  70. How can anyone defend capital one?! Their service sucks!! Nummerous times i have spent at least 1/2 hr on the phone with an unhelpful agent. I have been waiting 4 months for a deposit cheque to be returned after cancelling my card.They told me it was an oversight. A very evil corporation indeed.

    Comment by Steve Stevens — December 22, 2008 @ 7:58 am

  71. This is similar to what happened to me. They would charge me late fees even though I paid my bill on time. I’d have to call and they did at least remove the fee due to an error on their part. But this happened twice. How come they never make a mistake in my favor?

    Also their customer service has been outsourced to India and it’s like dealing with a three ring circus where confusion reigns. The representatives are not helpful at all. I’m not sure they can be. They have no authority. In order to get any results, I had to first ask for a supervisor, and then request to be passed back to the states and speak with an account manager. Their overseas representatives seem to be reading straight from a script and do not even address your questions. They just revert back to the script and try to make the answer fit whatever question you ask. I had no problem understanding them, but they seemed to have great difficulty understanding me. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that they don’t listen to the customer.

    Anyway, they ended up canceling my card for inactivity. I hadn’t used the card in a while, because I was unhappy that about their service and overcharging. On top of this, they had stopped a program whereby you could choose a picture to be displayed on the card. Recently, I found out they had reinstated a program similar, whereby I could upload a photograph onto my card. I’d been meaning to go online and upload a picture for some time, when I actually had the time to sit down and do this, I uploaded a pic of my daughter, with the intention of using the card again. Merely a few days after receiving my new card, before I had the opportunity to use it, I received a letter from them saying that they were going to cancel my account for inactivity. They said I received the new card by mistake, and it wouldn’t matter if I went out and used the card tomorrow, they had done this to millions of customers with inactivity, and could not reinstate it. They said I could reapply and since it was not a credit issue would probably be able to open a new account. I asked, but isn’t this counter-productive and actually costing you more money? They didn’t have an answer. They just kept saying that they had done this to millions of other customers just like me with good credit and could not reinstate. I’d have to start all over.

    My husband said that it’s probably a blessing, because they are so horrible. But it really pisses me off that they wasted my time. I don’t know if this type of disorganization is intentional or accidental, but definitely the head doesn’t know what the arm is doing. I’d be very worried about banking with a company with such convoluted policies and atrocious customer service. So I asked them to send me a letter stating that they had closed my account for no other reason than inactivity, even though I have an excellent credit history with them.

    Who cares, Capital One! The only reason I bothered is because I just wasted my time getting a picture of my daughter on my card. And in in good faith, I intended to give them another chance. But I have two other credit cards, Chase Visa, and an American Express credit card (not the charge card with an annual fee), both of which have better interest rates than Capital One, and great customer service. So I think I’ll manage just fine. Good riddance, Capital One!!!

    Comment by Misty — December 22, 2008 @ 10:06 am

  72. Okay so when will we as users get any true rights from the government? It is our money that is being used to bail-out these worthless companies. I’ve had my capitol one acct. for about 5 years now and haven’t used it in about 2 other than here and there purchases because I too have had my share of ridicuouls adventures in dealing with those Indian fools. I kept the card open since I’m new to the credit game and it was my first and oldest acct….a few days ago without any notice I recieved a letter saying that my accout was suspended and would be closed in 60 days due to inactivity. I phoned in and went through the whole…this is going to hurt my credit score…I’ve always paid on time…have a 720 at age 22….this isn’t quite fair….how can I have my acct. restablished. The man could barely speak english and told me there were no options other than for me to close the acct. he said that if I let them close it in 60days then it would show line closed by guarantor on my credit profile….so I closed the acct. What assholes! How is this fair and legal practices?

    Comment by Hunter — December 29, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

  73. These people do not belong on our planet. They cheat people out of money by making it impossible to pay on time. Their web site is misleading by design!

    Comment by Dan — December 30, 2008 @ 6:26 am

  74. Just got off of the phone with Capital One. All I wanted was a replacement card for my business. After 40 freaking minutes on the phone and transferred to a 3rd person wanting the SAME information all over again, I said SCREW IT. Cancel the damned card. Then he would not do it till I verified my credit history with him, ie, mortgage, truck loan, etc. I told him it’s not his damned business! He argued and hung up. This time I called them back. Spoke with Raphailo who spoke somewhat decent English, asked him what he needed to verify it was my account. I gave him my social, and with his lovely voice in silence………….Cancel my account. You could have heard a pin drop. “Well we’ll report it to the credit bureau”. Like I care at this point. Capital One…………BITE ME!

    Comment by Bithlo — January 1, 2009 @ 12:50 pm

  75. Lol How retarded, if you read the fine print on any credit card, which you should do before you ever even consider activating any card. Capital One says in the fine print that interest starts to compile at a higher cash advance interest rate, and IMMEDIATELY upon taking cash off the card. So really, if you are trying to blame your own faults,and irresponsibility on any card,you probably arnt mature enough to have it in the first place. And yes some card companies have ridiculous rates and operations,but last i checked, they dont come activated, and they come with about 3-4 pages of fine print that tell you how they will screw you if you mess up with it. YOU activated it,most likely without reading the said fine print, and took cash of all things off of it at most likely a rate around 24% which again is in the fine print (i am 22yrs old and i can understand the fine print so i would assume you could have to if you had read it.) Take responsibility for your actions, you activated it,messed it up,and then came online to cry to people,hoping that no rational person would come and point out your mistakes. Then again you may be the only one that reads this since most online people such as yourself enjoy the fact they dont have to face reality, after all keyboards have a delete button, you can just erase anything you dont agree with.

    Comment by Reader — January 11, 2009 @ 11:41 am

  76. Here’s a copy of my correspondence today to Capital One after over 10 years as a good customer:

    Dear Capital One,

    Today I closed both of my Capital One accounts. I choose to close these because Capital One refused to wave a small membership fee. I have been a loyal customer in good standing for many years. This is the thank you I receive for all those years?

    The US federal interest rate as of December 12 2008 is now almost 0, but Capital One is still trying to be greedy and overcharge their customers. Perhaps when you are all standing in the unemployment lines, you may reconsider. The bad news is then it will be too late.

    I am so pissed off at your company that I may completely stop paying you any more money. I do not care what you do to my credit rating. Take my balance and go ask the government for a bailout like the rest of the companies with their greed that got this country into this mess.

    How does that sound for customer service? This customer reverse servicing you where the sun does not shine!

    Comment by Howlndog — January 12, 2009 @ 7:41 pm

  77. This is a copy of my FAX to Capital One sent an hour ago. I had one of their crappy cards years ago, but this particular card was rated one of the top 4 by Consumer Reports for balance transfers with little or no interest and no annual fee’s - Guess I need to write Consumer Reports as well.

    To Whom It May Concern;

    When I applied for this PREMIUM PLATINUM MC last Fall, THE ONLY reason I did so was because you offered a ZERO% ‘O%’BALANCE TRANSFER with a one time transfer fee and no annual fee. Any purchases made subsequent to the balance transfer would be 7.90% for the life of the card.


    Furthermore, after applying for the card, and the subsequent approval, my FICO score lowered over 50 points from my once cherished 782 because Capital One only gave me a $15,500 credit limit - the amount of the balance transfer was just over $12,000, thus automatically pushing me over 50% of an allowable credit line, in turn ruining my FICO score.

    Hey, shame on me for taking a chance with a credit card and NOT knowing what the limit would be, but I will be damned if I am going to pay any interest on the amount that was initially transferred when I applied for this card!! No way! Especially now that Capital One was part of the reason my FICO is now barely mediocre!

    Please reverse the 7.90% finance charge circled on the attached copy of my current statement dated 1/27/09, refrain from any further finance charges based on the original balance transfer, and live up to the deal that we agreed to in the first place!

    Comment by Mike — January 27, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

  78. Finally got to 65,000 Capital One points and went to get the $599 credit to my account to defray the three $1,225 tickets we purchased. Sure enough, we now need 122,500 points to get a reduction!

    Another thing they are doing is breaking everything down into tiny pieces — we also purchased three $165 tickets at the same time, each was listed separately. Because $165 is just over the $150 tier-1 (15,000 points) maximum, it would have taken 35,000 points to get $165 in credit.

    So when CapitalOne asks, “What’s in yerrr walllet?”, the correct answer should be

    Finally, if you google “Capital One” + rewards + scam, the ONLY thing that appears in the 1st page of hits and on MOST of the 2nd page, is propaganda, so it appears that they are trying to control the bad press (possibly with google’s paid assistance?).

    keywords: rip-off, scam, bait-and-switch, CapitalOne, credit card

    Comment by Chuck — February 7, 2009 @ 7:36 am

  79. Capital One’s newest trick is to blame the “extraordinary changes in the economic environment” for a large rate increase. I currently have a 7.90% rate and have an excellent payment history with Capital One. I’ve been with Capital One for 12 years. What is my reward for loyalty and timely payments? An increase to 17.9! A full 10% increase! I have read on other forums that I was “lucky”; some accounts are getting a rate increase to 29%! A huge increase in interest will not help the “extraordinary changes in the economic environment”. I’m going to pay off my Capital One card. I’m not going to reward them for their greed.

    Comment by Kevin — February 12, 2009 @ 9:51 am

  80. Update: I first posted on Dec. 20, 2008

    On Dec. 3, 2008 I called to cancel my credit card account with Capital One…two days before the membership fee of $39.34 was due (the 34 cents was for payment protection).
    It’s the end of February now and after a number of letters I have this to add.

    January 9, 2009:
    “As you asked, your account has been closed with a balance of $0.00″

    February 11, 2009:
    ” We’re pleased to inform you that your dispute regarding a charge on your Capital One account has been resolved in your favor. On your March 2009 statement, we credited your account for $1.15. The above credits have been posted and will appear on your next monthly statement.”

    Both would be great to read if not for the fact that all the while capital one kept accepting payment protection charges on a closed account to begin with-tacking these charges to the past due statements they’ve sent. Past due fees that would not have been assessed if they acknowledged from the start that canceling an account before it’s membership fee due date means no balance on an account. No balance, no reason for payment protection charges.

    I can’t wait for the next statement to come in so I can see if in fact the account balance is $0.00.

    Each letter I send has copies of the correspondence they’ve sent me, to help bolster my argument that I shouldn’t have to pay anything. In my head I’ve already started drafting the statement to be added in my credit file…only time will tell if that is viewed by potential creditors.

    I just realized, Capital One is Moby Dick.
    So that must make me captain Ahab…maybe I should just pay the assholes and move on

    Comment by Kevin — February 25, 2009 @ 10:55 pm

  81. They have recently changed their terms of service, and sent out letters
    that you have already received or will receive shortly, stating that
    your rate will be hiked by 10% or more. I have been a capital one
    customer for 10 years, and have never carried a balance. My APR is 8%, and
    it will be rasied to 18% next february.

    So I decided not to take it without a fight (I ended up telling them to
    cancel the card and never ever contact me again with new offers).

    I call their customer service number (or what it turned out to be, their
    Indian subsidiary!), and talk to a person on there. I ask what the best
    rate they can offer is; he is not able to tell me cause he doesn’t have
    access to that information and gives me a new 800 number. At the same
    time he tells me that that is NOTHING he can do - all existing card
    members will see a raise in their APR in 1 year.

    I call the 800 number, again overseas, and I am told that the best
    rate for new cards is 11.9%, still substantially lower than what I have.
    I ask him to look at my account, which he can’t do cause he doesn’t have
    access to it, but urges me to call back the first 800 number.

    I call the 800 number again to cancel my card, and she tells me that I
    will lose what ever balance I have on my cash-back reward account; I ask
    her to simplu redeem that balance for me by sending me a cheque for the
    entire amount of four dollars and sixty-nine cents. “I’m sorry Sir, you
    have to call the redemption line”… Remember “no hazzle”… she wouldn’t
    answer neither no nor yes to whether she thought of this as “no

    I call the 800 number to redeem my $4.69 - I am not going down without a

    Then I call back the original 800 number to cancel the account, or to try
    to reason with someon, and get someone far away again, ask to get
    transferred to someone in the US, and they do so; I ask the lady that I
    get on the phone if she _really_ truly believes that capital one’s slogan
    should be “no hazzle” after all this run around…. she refuses to answer
    as she knows that saying yes would make me vomit with laughter and saying
    no would put her in a possibly difficult situation in case the call is
    “recorded for quality assurance”, I ask for a supervisor, which she tell
    me will take a long time cause they are experiencing “high call volumes”
    (funny - half of the country or more is in bed bed sleeping by 11PM), so
    after 15 minutes I get someone (though not in the US, but in Canada, so I
    guess I can’t complain since I speak fluent Canadian!)…. Asking this
    guys if he thinks that it is reasonable that old customers get taken for a
    ride while someone can log onto their website and (I checked!) get 9.99%
    while existing customers cannot get anything better than 18% he turns
    quiet, and in the end “cannot do anything but appologize”… then I cancel
    the account…and cut the card up…

    We, as consumers, should not put up with this sort of abuse, and need to
    take a stand and CANCEL all business with Capital one!!

    Comment by Matt — February 26, 2009 @ 12:33 am

  82. PS. at anytime when you call capital one you can ask to be transferred to someone in the US (well you often get someone in Canada, but they speak somewhat American ;-) )

    Comment by Matt — February 26, 2009 @ 12:45 am

  83. Here is what I think of capital one

    Comment by Dr. Clue — February 28, 2009 @ 10:24 pm

  84. I just read the comment 36 by FukCapOne and almost peed laughing, but sadly it is true. Half of the time I call CapOne, those “representatives” have no clue what I’m saying and I sure as hell do not understand their poor English.

    Point is: Capital One SUCKS big time. I canceled both accounts with them, but the one with annual fee remains open until paid in full. I’m sticking with my AMEX, the best card I ever had.

    For those who criticized other people credit handling: mind your own credit and business.

    Comment by IM — March 9, 2009 @ 10:22 am

  85. Update to the update I posted on February 25,2009.

    Put this one in the win column. Today I received the March statement from Capital One. I owe absolutely zero and the account is closed.

    I just have to send a consumer statement in to the credit bureaus letting those that inquire about my credit worthiness in the future know why I was reported as 60 days late…a small price to pay.

    I’m glad I stuck to my initial gut reaction on this matter.

    Comment by Kevin — March 16, 2009 @ 7:24 pm

  86. Yes Capital One sucks ass. The reward for paying on time or early after 2 years is having the APR jacked up from 11.99% to 19.99%. It’s been repoited on news stations that people who have been with then for 10 plus years with perfect payment history are getting reamed as well. Long story short, we closed our account (with balance of approx $2000.00) on or about March 3rd, and paid off balance as of 03/18/09. Got a bill in the mail for a “membership fee” of $19.00 for billing statement ending March 12.
    All I can say is FUCK YOU Cap One. I’ll pay your shitty membership fee, even after the card was cancelleled, because I don’t want the credit score affected. I hope people wise up and realize they can get a better rate at a credit union. I also hope Cap One goes out of business due to member cancellation. They fucking suck.

    Comment by Trina — March 20, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

  87. I’m an indian working for capital one customer relations in Bangalore. Whenever u guys call ur call reaches us in India. You guys think we r stealing our jobs. But its ur american owners who are giving us jobs….. I completely agree with u guys. CapOne steals money. It has increased interest rates for most of its customers. The reason given is economy. Thats bullshit. The late n overlimit fee charges are $39 which is ridiculous. Their payment protection program is designed to squeeze money out of u guys. I’m sick of this company. I’m hunting for a new job. If u guys have any questions email me at
    By the way if there’s a guy called Alex answering ur call when u call CapOne its me!

    Comment by ajay — March 23, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

  88. When you get a offer from them, fill the return envelope with washers and mail it back. When they call, tell them there’s someone at the door you’ll be right back. Then let them hang. When you do talk to them, make their reps miserable. Fuck em, why shouldn’t they have a bad day. If you have to be polite, record the conversation yourself for quality assurance and evidence. File complaints with the government regularly. Don’t use the card. Pay it off. Then learn to go without credit cards. Drive preditory lenders out of business.

    Comment by fuckem — March 28, 2009 @ 8:19 am

  89. Almost forgot. If your credit is shitty already, just stop paying and wait for them to send you a settlement offer through an attourney. You will end up paying less than you would if you paid all of their outrageous fees and interest rates.

    Comment by fuckem — March 28, 2009 @ 8:27 am

  90. They jacked up our rates for no reason. When we “opted out” of the increase, and started paying off the account by quadrupling our payment, they had the balls to charge us $39.00 for a late fee!!!! I asked them how in the hell they could do that when we not only paid on time, but made huge payments!!!! They removed the late fee. We continued to pay large payments and I’ll be damned if they didn’t tack on another late fee. Again we called them, again they waived it. I think they jack people hoping they won’t complain.

    Comment by Pissed off consumer — May 7, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

  91. AS soon as I got the notice of possible interest rate hike, I froze my account, the very next payment cycle I got a bogus late charge. MY word against thiers (ironically it was just one day late). That also sent me over the 500 limit. My balance was 450 is now almost 700 dollars in 3 months just from bogus over limit and late fees which are now 39 each. I am taking them to small claims court but in the mean time in 6 months I will owe over a a thousand just from bogus fees. It is worse then organized crime loan sharks. Capitol One managers are laughing thier heads off. They have a license to steal! I win the small claims case I will join anyone that wants to go class action also.

    Comment by Grace Brown — June 6, 2009 @ 9:59 pm

  92. OK here is one for the books.
    I got fucked on credit fraud $15.000.00 Witch is a long story by itself!(Different card co.)
    I had a credit limit of $20,000.00 at Cap my hole once. On my account I had 5000.00 used.
    I closed out the stolen acc. and paid it off! It was 4 months overdue when I found it!
    Now my old min fee was only $50.00 a month, I would send $100 or $150 every month! I had been doing this with them for years. I even got bills with no min due as I paid so well. Now because some dick head stole my credit and I opted to pay it off and save a lot of shit Cap my hole once, Changed my limit to $3000.00 And made me over limit! Cap my ass hole twice started fucking me real good with a $87 finance fee $39 over limit fee and a $39 transaction fee they never gave me any notice till I got my bill! So now I say Fuck you! cap one! Take the 26 billion we gave you banks and stick it up your ass!

    Comment by Denny — June 7, 2009 @ 10:38 am

  93. Unfortunately i am so sorry to say that all of u feel that ur smart and the rest of the world are dumb fucks because they are not americans … They cannot speak english properly or u dont understand their accent well now to tell u very frankly look at the state of ur economy… firstly you as Americans are responsible…. ur mathematics Sucks though u have great Scientist like Einstien born in a country like America… u live in credit and u dont even know how to handle ur credit… U have the money but not the brains that why you all file for bankruptcy moreover u call up reps at various centers and abuse the shits out of them and yet they are courteous and they still give u respect and regard… u want a fee waived they waive the fee and then educate u how u could evade such fees and yet it does not go into ur Brain full of Junk Food that u live on. For everything that u wanna enjoy comes at a price and yes u take a loan u need to pay them on time. U want a service u have to pay for it. So its ur stupidity that shows how poorly u have maintained ur finances… So dumb fucks go wisenup and then leave such notes abt non-americans… UR economy is based out of fuelling fueds between nation creating terrorists and when attacked u blame the other nations blame urself sometimes and see. The Grey matters in ur Brains which has not been functioning for so long because of ur incompetence to learn anything would be happy to work again and u might gain some wisdom. I have spoken to a few of the americans they call to find out i had a balance of 300.62$ my credit limit is 300 i made a payment of 100$ i should have a 100 $ available credit. Fuck U Americans Go back to school and learn something instead of always blaming others for ur stupid freaking mind….

    Comment by soul — June 9, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

  94. Yea your right we are stupid we go every ware in the world and fight to save your asses for free! I think it’s time we start charging!!!!

    Comment by Denny — June 10, 2009 @ 6:21 pm

  95. Exactly, we need to stop sending these other countries money. Lets stop sending them food and see how long they live. By the way Soul, your spelling is horrible so go back to school. This post is about Capital One so let’s stick to the subject. We are talking about one card not people that are in debt. I got rid of my card because the company was rude to me and played a lot of games. I have a job and great credit so don’t think everyone here is a loser like you.

    Comment by Mel — June 14, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

  96. If you have capital one card with miles. we can help you get the most money for your miles
    go to:

    It will show you examples of what we do.
    Here is one example:

    Flight Example 1- You find tickets back home to visit family. They are $356 including taxes. You call up capital one or go through a travel agency and when you redeem your miles they want to charge you depending on your program 50k to 60k miles for that flight.

    How we Max this reward- We will charge your capital one credit card $350 and then with another credit card $6. You then will be able to use your travel reimbursement. They allow 90 days to reimburse travel charges from your capital one credit card. Just call capital one and they can reimburse this travel for 25k to 35k miles depending on your program. You save 25k miles and pay the difference of $6

    Comment by Chris — June 24, 2009 @ 9:20 am

  97. Capital one sent me an offer for 0% for life on a balance transfer, so of course I took advantage of it. THEN I got a letter from them telling me that it was a mistake and its only for six months. I was told on the phone that since I had already issued the check they would honor it. I wanted it in writing so I emailed them. I’ve had about 10 different people email me and tell me that it wont be honored and I only get six months, then some other representatives say I get it for three months and round and round we go. I’d like to know if other people have been cheated in this manner by capital one. They should be made to honor their word. Instead, their acting like cowards and the corporate office want return my letters. They shouldn’t be allowed to cheat people because they messed up. What ever happened to companies that stood by their products and their words!

    Comment by Christina — July 7, 2009 @ 5:27 pm

  98. I work for Capital One. It’s your responsibility to pay your bills on time. It’s your responsibility to not go over you limit and be cautious about interest and auto-billings. IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ YOUR TERMS AND AGREEMENTS WHEN YOU SIGN IT. I seriously don’t understand why some individuals are so irresponsible when it comes to credit cards - from any company really. If you can’t handle it and don’t know what you are signing for - don’t do it. Can’t stress it enough.


    “I DIDN’T RECEIVE MY STATEMENT! I’M NOT PAYING” - It’s still your responsibility to make a monthly payment on your card. OH LOOK IT’S IN THE SPAM FOLDER YOU IGNORED TO CHECK.


    Nuf said. I’m sick of people whining and laying excuse after excuse. Don’t get a credit card if you are not mature and intelligent enough to have one.

    Comment by Ches — July 12, 2009 @ 6:57 am

  99. I too have a dispute with fuck face shit heads at Capital One. I had finally got back on track, and finished up paying the remaining balance back in March. Mind you this, I finished up with a project, and attempted to make (2) payments in the same day due to having the money to do so. They would not let me do so. Next day, call, make the final payment, cancel the account. over 2, almost 3 months later, I check my credit report, and the account was still open with (2) overdue charges on the account. They said that their system was down at the time and it didn’t process the cancellation of the account. Asked that I wait (5) business days for the account to close, and for the charges to drop. I further more requested they send me a statement with 0 balance as it was over 2 months ago, along with a letter stating that my account was closed back in May.

    Hey fuck stick that works for Capital One, it may not be just you that ‘is the greatest worker there’ because you all are put up on a pedestal, but come back to the norm. I have worked in the credit industry myself, and I know both sides of the fence. So fuck off, and suck a big DICK!

    Comment by Clyde Owens — July 27, 2009 @ 10:34 am

  100. Twice within the last six months our VISA Capital One card would not work. A representative in some foreign country said this was because some accounts had been compromised. At other times it was because we were traveling and didn’t notify them. I have never heard of this. We always pay our bill on time.
    What is going on?

    Comment by Thomas Minter — July 27, 2009 @ 1:42 pm

  101. i recently paid off an agreed settlement w/ cap 1. sadly, they’re still billing me & finding excuses 2 still charge me. tho i sent my pmts long B4 the due D8, they tried saying my pmt’s L8, & that they can charge me 4 how slow the mail may run…. lo & behold i wenta my bank & got printouts of the MOs & they were casht by cap 1 very L8 in the mo each time i sent them. i told them i paid them & that i’m NOT paying 4 what i already pd; i’m NOT pain ANY more on this acct.

    Comment by annonymous — July 27, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

  102. lol yes people pay their bill on time, but c one hold it until after the due date so they can charge the extra fees. They are crminal no questin about it. I used to work their I know its a total SCAM!

    Comment by Ryan — September 4, 2009 @ 10:10 am

  103. Well, I do agree with you guys that are upset about cap one cust service… actually I worked 8 months for cap one fraud dept and i can tell you that we know how shitty is the system and is not our fault, at least at fraud deparment.when u call you get usually a cust service representative from india and they transfer us over the call for stupid things that we dont have to take care of but we HAVE to! we are FORCED to take every call altough it may end up in another transfer… so we ask you like 3 or 4 annnoying questions and then we transfer you back!! YES HASSLE SERVICE! well i used to do that crap.. now im cap one free! One piece of advice: call to the direct cap one fraud number so my folks there are gonna be more than happy to assist you with a better english i guess and plz keep an eye on your statements and APR and fees it a big lie that they cannot remove them because they can!! I always removed every fee!!! ha ha!
    Regards!!!! Have a nice day!!!

    Comment by JEANINE — September 11, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

  104. I would like to add my own frustrations with Capital One. I have been a good customer with them for 11 years and for the first time in my life due to salary and hours being cut, I am having financial difficulties. I was up front with them and said that I wanted to make sure they got paid and could they combine their credit card with the unsecured loan of theirs (I have paid off two other loans early in the last 11 years) and take the term to the max which would lower my payments and help me out of a jam. Even with a credit score of 775 and a perfect history with them they said there is nothing they can do it is two seperate divisions. They would rather not get paid then work with me. What a horrible company. I am going to be all over the internet encouraging people to cut up their Capital One card and mail it to Leslie Spencer c/o Capital One Bank PO Box 85619 Richmond, VA 23285-5619. Make sure Capital One is NOT in your wallet. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Comment by Mark — October 6, 2009 @ 6:20 pm

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  106. I had to add since some people on here are saying it’s the fault of the customer for having there interest rate raised.

    Well I pay from my bank so I have not been late on a payment even once. I have gone to the bank sick to pay it off since I pay my bills and do not want late fees for anything.

    Well I had my interest rate changed from 9.9% interest to 12.9% interest. I mean what is that exactly?

    That is a minor complaint though now for the actual complaint. A while ago I had a fraudulant charge placed on my card for 830 bucks that I did not make.

    I get my card credited and then I get a letter in the mail. It stated the merchant provided enough info to show it was a valid charge.

    Capitol 1 showed me this “proof” whihc consisted of the adress having somone elses name. It had there address and there name which was completelly differnt from mine.

    Capitol 1 when I told them of the stupid error they made admitted they accepted that as proof without looking at what the documentation really said. See the thing is the evidence that Cap1 accepted was proof that the charge was fraudulent.

    At any rate they asked for a signed form no problem I did it and faxed it. I then again get a letter saying they did not receive the info. So I tried both faxing and mailing the info. They again sent me a letter saying I did not give them the info since someone over there was making mistakes.

    Every time I ask them if they have the form I mailed or faxed and they refused to give me a straight answer.

    Would like to see one of those reps who seem to thing they have to defend things have to say about this. Since you can’t tell me that this is my fault it’s clearly not my fault.

    Comment by svmf8 — October 23, 2009 @ 12:22 am

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  108. I looked for this site and others on purpose. Screw the writer who says “that it is our fault” moron, stop insulting people’s intelligence. You sound exactly like a CO customer care. - I am filing an official complaint with the General Attorney’s Office - and you should all do the same. They are not working by the books, you should check the other blogs and twitter. This company has ruined so many FICO scores, it will pay for it. Just like other big corporation that screwed with this economy in the first place.

    Comment by mania tazz — November 4, 2009 @ 9:46 pm

  109. Fuck Capital one They just jacked 300 dollars of some hard ass earned money, completely a scam and bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Phil — November 6, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

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  124. These bastards are ridiculous. I told them I lost my job and I may be late on my payment. I pay late one month, and they jack up my minimum payment 200%. I can barely afford to pay my bills, now they want more!!! I couldn’t make that payment, now they call me 20 times a day for the past 10 days. I told them I’ll pay them when I get the money, doesn’t work with them. No hassle, my ass! They call so much that I missed a call for an interview, someone else got the job because I was too late to return the call. I curse capital one, I hope they bankrupt and perish!

    Comment by Richard — January 23, 2010 @ 7:05 pm

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  126. Insult on top of injury; Financial rape by Capital One.
    Capital One jacked my interest rate to 29.9% along with most of my other credit line suppliers. Business virtually dead, had to liquidate, declare bankruptcy. Capital One sends me a 1099 at tax time saying that the discharged balance should be considered income to me. THIS IS HARRASSMENT!!! According to tax code, the debt cannot be counted as income when the debtor is insolvent. By definition, a ch 7 is granted when the debtor is insolvent and all appplicable assets have been liquidated. Capital One tries to advertise as though they’re the good guys, when they’re just as scummy or worse than any other lender. Filing the 1099 is just plain harrassment on the back end.

    Comment by charlie — February 7, 2010 @ 9:33 am

  127. FANTASTIC! Capital One is still pulling that bullshit stunt, as of Feb 2010.

    I’ve been a cardholder for 13 years .. and my recent statement saw my APR move from 4.95% to 15.9% in one felled swoop.

    Like many of you, I always pay on-time and (many times) more than the Minimum Payment amount.

    Regardless, I placed a call, thinking they would value my long-standing relationship. After sitting through 7 minutes of the Phillipines-based rep’s SCRIPTED banter of WHY I should bend over, take it in the ass AND apparently like it, she concluded by saying there’s nothing she can do about it at this time. She did, however, say she understood my dismay. Wow, I felt better immediately.

    Best bet is to pay off the card, either with cash or transfer to a more stable company like American Express (good deals if you have great credit). SUCKS!

    Comment by Ob Fusctaed — February 16, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

  128. I would like to know how I can make a payment online several days early (according to the estimated chart) get a confirmation and then when I get my statement 10 days later it says ACH return (my bank says it was NEVER sent an ACH request period) so now I am being charged back the payment and $29.00 for being late and so the payment not being applied as it should have been plus the $29.00 put me over limit and costs me $19.00 more? So I am charged $48.00 because Capital One never even PROCESSED the payment and calls it an ACH return instead? Yeah, well I do have an attorney and I will have my attorney handle the matter since I see from the comments here that they do not handle issues well with consumers. The money is still in my account waiting for the ACH to hit and it never has. Perhaps there needs to be a class action lawsuit for fraud. Maybe I will get that started because I am the WRONG person to screw over. As for the foreigners that comprise at least part of the customer service base - don’t get your hairs all twisted up because we wish to speak to someone whose accent is NOT too hard to understand. I don’t care from where the person I talk to comes from or is at HOWEVER I do need someone who I understand and who understands me. Those who do not have the ability to enunciate properly cannot be of help and should not be in customer service in a spoken capacity. PERIOD! That is like only allowing the reps to speak a language that is different than the customers. No communication either way. If Capital One does not process the payment and calls it a return when it isn’t and charges me $48 dollars - THAT IS FRAUD. SHOW ME THE PROOF CAPITAL ONE THAT THE ACH WAS RETURNED! HAHAHA… YOU CAN”T BECAUSE YOU NEVER SENT IT. See what the judge in court says and enjoy paying my attorney fees on top of all of that.

    Comment by MadAsHell — February 20, 2010 @ 12:29 pm

  129. I just cancelled my CVapital One account. They raised my interest rate 300%. I have perfect credit so when I called to complain, they said “this is due to the econimic climate”. I asked them if they meant the bail out money they received or the bad debt they absorbed becasue of their greed to increase fees by giving people credit that should never have received it. My credit is perfect, paid off the card each month but they still increased my rate for no good reason.

    The last straw was when I paid the card off, they send an invoice for an interest charge. I asked them “If I pay off before the balance is due, how the hell do you charge interest?” The woman started trying to talk in circles, I cancelled on the spot.


    Comment by Paul — February 23, 2010 @ 12:42 pm

  130. FANTASTIC! Capital One is still pulling that bullshit stunt, as of Feb 2010.

    I’ve been a cardholder for 13 years .. and my recent statement saw my APR move from 4.95% to 15.9% in one felled swoop.

    Like many of you, I always pay on-time and (many times) more than the Minimum Payment amount.

    Regardless, I placed a call, thinking they would value my long-standing relationship. After sitting through 7 minutes of the Phillipines-based rep’s SCRIPTED banter of WHY I should bend over, take it in the ass AND apparently like it, she concluded by saying there’s nothing she can do about it at this time. She did, however, say she understood my dismay. Wow, I felt better immediately.

    Best bet is to pay off the card, either with cash or transfer to a more stable company like American Express (good deals if you have great credit). SUCKS!

    Comment by West Chaser — February 23, 2010 @ 7:17 pm

  131. Here is one you may not have heard. I have had Capital One Credit card for 8 years with 20k limit, I have paid my bills on timne every month and have never had a single penny of interest or penaltys charged to me.

    So I get a call 5 months ago that they raised my interest from 10% to 26%.

    I call customer support and was told by a manager it was due to my paying habits (basically you pay off balance monthly and they don’t like that)

    Comment by BigLarry — March 13, 2010 @ 8:46 am

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  139. I got one for you.

    Had a Capitol-One card for YEARS. It was pegged at 4.99% until a balance transfer was paid off. Capitol-One went to federal court to get the agreement recended. Interest rate went up to 9.99. I transferred everything off of C1.

    Two weeks later I get an offer in the mail for another low interest balance transfer. I didn’t bite.

    One year passes and I need the credit. So I do another balance transfer (20K). My card is pegged at 28K of avail credit.

    A year goes by, the market crashes, and another year goes by.

    I decide to finally get out of debit, period.
    I pay off ALL my outstanding debit, including my 26K debit on C1. I figger I will have an extremely good credit score.

    Then after I pay the C1 card off they lower my available credit to 500.00.

    Comment by Jerry — April 6, 2010 @ 10:37 am

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  146. you are not the first guy,capital one took nearly 500 dollar from me,i hate CAPITAL ONE more than any other ….

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  154. Anyone that would work for this company deserves the abuse, especially Janet.

    Times are never so hard where you have no choice but to work for a company that is worse than the mafia.

    That is right: Capital One is worse than the mafia.

    Comment by qwerty — May 10, 2010 @ 5:50 pm

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